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As tradition calls it, the bull that killed the Spanish bullfighter was hanged in public.

As tradition calls it, the bull that killed the Spanish bullfighter was hanged in public. The killer of the Torero Ivan Fandino killed the 17 June Saturday was hanged in place after the commune of Dans Irun in the north of Spain. Several hundred people attended the DonT animal hanging the Agony Several hours.

The PETA association requires that the animals’ Information Animals share as much as possible (after the Past Past death of the Silent Torero) to awaken the consciousness barbarism this! The information is well if same This is unfortunately real from the NOT Our habits, we had to share this from HORROR from.

The case 2015 Recalls in Spain Celle:

The matador Ivan Fandino Basque, died On the evening of Saturday June 17th at the Hospital of Mont-de-Marsan, where after He had been Transport emergency Been LORs of a Corrida encorné in Aire-sur-Adour (Landes) . Toreador, who was at the Treaty Block the Aire-surgical sur-Adour arena, died in the Hospital are on Arrival.

Ivan Fandino, age 36, a parade performed – cape A pass – them when he stood in his cape on the ground and stumbled. The man was in the gorged Then by the high bull of the body. The Matador Previously Had One Ear Triumph to his LORs cutting face to first-rate bull son benefit.

From Orduna originating, near Bilbao, Ivan Fandino at the POSTER Was Aire-sur-Adour Bullfighting Corrida, Juan Del Alamo and Landais Thomas With Dufau, confront you with the bullfighting of Spanish Baltasar Iban ( Province of Madrid), pour their known Difficult character.

Torero son Renowned pouring courage, Ivan Fandinoé Tait in 2005 matador Become in Bilbao With and As Godfather El Juli as witness Salvador Vega. It confirmed had CE in 2009 choice With Madrid like Antonio Ferreira and godfather like witness Morenito de Aranda. In 2012, in Bilbao, had Fought to face only bulls Of a Bullfight of six contests of six Different BREEDS.

In France, June 1921 First FROM

The death of an In a Previous Torero July 9, 2016 Arena in the elevator The matador Victor Barrio Spanish, 29 years old, In the Summer Was mar of Teruel arena (center of east of Spain). Just over a month ago, Eccentric Mexican Le Pana also had to SES succumbed to you June 2, 2016 injuries to the hospital of Guadalajara after to the Summer To have injured collar, May 1st, LORs of a Corrida to City Lerno .

In France, it to 1921 Must go back For the death of an English matador, Isidoro Mari Fernando « Flowers », to the Béziers Arena.


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