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An Israeli invented a « magical, invisible » Kippah in natural hair!

To respond to anti-Semitism problems in Europe, an Israeli hairdresser invented an invisible yarmulke, made at the request, from a client’s hair sample.

I got tired of hearing that many European Jews could not wear a yarmulke in the street or at work

This kippah is made of natural hair, it can be washed or even dye

says Koresh, hairdresser behind this invisible Kippah.

Describing himself as a religious man, 48, said to be concerned about the security situation in Europe that no longer allows Jews to wear a kippah in public or at work.

I have a banker friend who told me that customers had refused to talk to him because he was wearing a yarmulke

I have an agent in France who will look to sell my product (…) after the events that occurred in Paris and now in Belgium, more and more Jews are interested in Magic Kippah

concluded Koresh inventor of the magic Kippah.



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