Drinking beer extends life expectancy by 10 years.

Is there a link between drinking beer and longevity? It is the conclusion of a Belgian researcher, Dr. Van Rootrem, which advocates drinking beer every day to increase their life expectancy.

Physical activity and diets would have only minimal effect on life expectancy, according to Dr. Van Rootrem. For him, there is only one thing to do: drinking beer, and do not exceed 3 beers a day! « Ultimately, aging is a consequence of a high metabolic rate, which has the effect of increasing the number of free radicals we consume, » said he explained to the editor. He added: « If you test your body  by drinking beer, the body seems to adapt to the situation by slowing your metabolism. This is an illustration of ‘what does not kill you makes you stronger.’ He advices for the daily intake of 25 to 50cl of beer a day.

And it is not the first to advance this thesis. The Pasteur Institute had suggested that reducing consumption of pure water by replacing the hop-based beverages, the body feel much better.

The specialty beer is even better for health because richer in vitamin ingredients with high potential and contains powerful ingredients with incredible virtues.

Finally, a study from the University of Prague in 2010 had shown that the lager was an excellent natural medicine. Antioxidants packed, beer overcomes many minor illnesses.


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