Drink Sperm, that is good for your health, according to a japanese study.

The Japanese Ministry of Health commissioned several research centers to conduct a study on the toxicity of sperm in the middle of the food industry .

The study shows that sperm is absolutely not harmful to our body, that otherwise! It is very beneficial, it even talks of « natural booster. »

Semen is odorless, tasteless and highly soluble, it can be added to the composition of many consumer products

explains the expert Hirashi Ishinogawa.

Here are some benefits mentioned in the study:
– Sperm plays a slimming role
Semen is rich in protein, sodium, potassium, magnesium, selenium and in vitamins C and B12. In addition to these benefits, semen also contains « alkaline » which has a role grease burns in the presence of other components contained in the semen.
Its use in beverages « light » is no longer in doubt.
– An antidepressant exception
Our seed contains melatonin, prolactin and serotonin that once ingested has an effect on mental well-being. Japanese iced teas we also added the « boost » in their ingredient list.
– Anti-aging medicine
Spermidine molecule contained in the semen is an excellent anti-aging. Here the applications are turning more towards komatik well as « star-up » Japanese is about to launch the first anti-aging drink!
US companies are beginning to consider using this miracle ingredient and similar initiatives could be in Europe by one to two years.


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