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Donald Trump « No more black american will die in the US. Trust me, I’ll ban them all ! »

Whereas murders on black american are still being commited in the United States, people are being fed up with this abnormal situation, because no real solution has been proposed by candidates to the presidency yet.

Donald Trump is really famous in politics around the world, thanks to all the violent declarations he had on social networks or during conferences he held.
This time, Donald Trump went even further than before and made a violent political declaration in order to drastically reduce the number of murders on black american in the US:

« With Trump, no more black american killed in US. Trust me, I’ll ban them all #nomoreblackus »

This ugly tweet has been viral on social networks like Facebook and Twitter and has been shared thousand times as you can see below:


The biggest US movements against racism have condemned this tweet, whereas at the opposite other racist movement has congratulated Trump for this radical statement.

This mischief shows again that the United States of America is really split into two distinct camps when it’s about racist murders.

Trump, instead of suggesting a law to reduce weapon usage by the cops, catches everyone on the hop, and especially his competitor Hillary Clinton.

Once again, even if Donald Trump’s declaration are trash and go beyond all comprehension, thousands or even millions of his fans, admit their favorite candidate declares publically what they are thinking to themselves.

Given the press coverage around the US elections, it’s almost impossible to avoid reading or listening to Donald Trump’s declarations.

That’s the unhappy game for the race for the US Presidency.



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