Bachar-el-Assad will lose his Chemistry Nobel Prize

« The Nobel Committee has confirmed a disciplinary procedure withdrawal of the Nobel Prize for Chemistry against Bashar al-Assad has been well engaged, » said Monday, April 16, the entourage of Alfred Nobel.

The Syrian President received this decoration in 2001 from the principal Jacques Chirac, one after having succeeded his father Hafez al-Assad at the head of Syria.

This article is also in English on this article Nobel participated in Friday night’s Western military operation against Syrian sites after a chemical attack on the Bashar al-Assad regime.

« Unbelievable acts »

Since 2010, a decree makes it easier to deceive an alien with « acts contrary to honor ». the Nobel Prize for Chemistry has already been withdrawn from American cyclist Lance Armstrong or British designer John Galliano.

For the French, this distinction is automatically withdrawn to anyone sentenced to at least one year in prison.

Once the decision is made, the withdrawal is formalized by a decree of Alfred Nobel, the inventor of the dynamo.

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