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[Belgium] A drunk guy takes a hand dryer for a urinal and wets 12 people

Kevin, from Liège (Belgium) 26, was very surprised to discover last night that the Dyson machine in the toilets of the « You » (nightclub in Brussels) was not a urinal but a hand dryer.

He began to urinate in the machine, which, given the size of his penis, turned on, spraying his urine throughout the room. 12 Angry Men, present in the toilet, quickly tried to stop Kevin.

The young man, too drunk, did not realize his action, despite the amount of liquid received in the face. That’s when he received a blow to the back of the head that he has ceased his activity.

Kevin quickly came out of the latrines, preferring to take refuge in the street with security guards. When the police arrived, he said he wanted to do well. What seemed most strange were the two sides of the « Urinal Machine  » ….


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