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She gives birth while skydiving, the baby dies crushed

 Cindy Holmes had decided to make a unique performance to give birth to her first child.
That skydiving fan of 24 wanted to mix the birth of her child to her lifelong passion. As reported in the newspapers this weekend, Cindy took off from Temploux (Belgium) aerodrome when the contractions started and jumped from the plane with her husband when they have become more insistent.
The child began to emerge during the fall and Cindy had to turn around and keep the child in her arms. Unfortunately, probably due to atmospheric pressure, the baby came out after only a few seconds and could not be caught by the mother. The speed of nearly 200 km/h caused tearing of the umbilical cord and the baby’s fall. The baby was found crashed in a field near the airfield. Childbirth was filmed by a friend of the family, the video is currently being analyzed by the belgian police but an image of it leaked on the internet.
Local authorities totally discourage such practices.

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