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A child has been found for the last meal of a man sentenced to death



The Texas Department of Corrections had to find a child before the end of the week to meet the demand of last meal Stephener Doug, who wanted to eat a child. as we were talking about this week. The prison today announced that a little girl found in Angola that his family sold to the State of Texas for the sum of $ 25,000. A significant sum for the administration, but that will be quite a thorn out of the foot.

The original news: Man sentenced to death asks for a child as his last meal

The child, a little african girl who suffers from a degenerative disease, have anyway a few years left to live, giving it to Mr. Stephener will save her from years of suffering said the Departement director.

The condemned man had the opportunity to see a photo of the child and has agreed to make her last feast, although he asked for a boy.

Many voices in the USA since the announcement of this horrible information. The president of the association of defense of children said this in a statement:

It is a shame we buy to feed children in Africa a death sentence. We will demonstrate day and night to ensure that this child is not delivered to Doug Stephener.

Side of the Association of American prisoners, they protested in front of the offering of a sick child who could contaminate the condemned man.

The execution will take place Saturday morning.

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Comment NordPresse a ruiné ma vie



Dans mon devoir de citoyen, j’ai participé à l’effort d’informer les français de la situation actuelle sur le Corona Virus. Covid-19 pour les intimes.

Nordpresse m’a demandé pour publier l’article mon prénom et mon nom, j’ai fourni ces informations dans la plus grande des transparences. Cette demande qui est tout à fait légitime pour garantir la véracité de l’information a entraîné une suite d’événement qui a ravagé ma vie.

En effet si vous allez voir l’article 2 morts rassurants du Corona Virus en France, vous y verrez mon identité.

En quelques heures, ma vie a pris un tournant. J’ai reçu des messages tout à fait anodins et donc pour l’instant rien de particulièrement inquiétant. Mais par la suite, dans mes rêves j’ai reçu des menaces de mort et voir pire d’atteinte à ma personne. Ce matin, j’étais loin de me douter de ce qui allait m’arriver. Les événements ont dépassé mes rêves (ou mes cauchemars), j’ai vu dans ma boite mail des propositions douteuses. Des propositions d’emploi dans des journaux d’une renommée internationale tels que le Gorafi. Pour ceux qui ne connaissent pas, c’est un journal encore plus au sud que Sud Presse. Depuis ce matin, je n’ose plus de sortir de mon domicile sauf pour aller faire des emplettes ou rejoindre mon lieu de travail. Le regard du personnel qui est dans mon bureau est devenu oppressant. J’ai l’intime conviction, qu’ils m’ont tous reconnu alors que ça fait 10 ans qu’ils m’ignorent dans la plus grande des réciprocités. Jamais eu de demandes de leurs part, jamais une proposition de rester travailler jusqu’au bout de la nuit.

Depuis mon déjeuner, j’espère une seule chose que je n’ose même pas rêver. Retrouver mon manque de personnalité et redevenir personne. Retrouver mon train train du quotidien : Métro Travail Corona

Que mon nom ne soit plus jamais publié et qu’il retombe dans l’oubli

#droit à l’oubli


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She gives birth and shoves her baby into her anus



Martina Torres, 40, from Charleroi in Belgium, was jailed yesterday for infanticide.
After giving birth alone in the back of her car, she inserted her newborn into her anus to get rid of it. It’s finally a few hours later, suffering a lot that she went to the hospital.

When doctors discovered the foreign object in her colon, the child was unfortunately already deceased.

Martina Torres said to the police that she did not have a choice because prostitution with a child is very difficult.
Doctors said the child was probably born very healthy, despite the state of her mother’s drug addiction and the conditions of confinement. It is common for mothers of drug addicts get rid of their children, but they often have the chance to be raised by social services. Her little girl will not have had that chance.
She will be presented to a judge next week.

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A chinese pedophile sentenced to death asks for a child as his last meal



Yin Tao Xan, a cannibal pedophile sentenced to death in China asked this weekend as his last meal … a little boy.

Man, that will be executed by lethal injection next week filing his application stating that he wanted to enjoy a maximum of 8 years old child. He also said he refused the child to be of Asian origin.

The Department of Corrections is supposed to have to accept all the demands of any kind. So it may be that they are buying a corpse in a morgue to satisfy the desires of Yin Tao Xan.

Yin Tao Xan was sentenced to death in 2008 for rape and cannibalism of children in his neighborhood.

Source: World Journal

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