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She is a virgin and got pregnant! Anal sex involved!

Jennifer, 24yo and a resident of a village near Liège in Belgique, got pregnant seven months ago. However, since the beginning of her pregnancy, she says she is a virgin and is convinced that God gave her a child. Her family and friends laugh the last 7 months. A Facebook group has even been created to make fun of her « Jennifer pregnant virgin, Jesus return » now deleted. Jennifer ignored their mockery from the beginning but now fate of silence.

From the beginning I know I have a distortion of my private parts that could have caused this, but I’m sure this is not possible, it is God who has given me this child.

Her gynecologist explains her case:

Jennifer is actually a virgin, considering the state of her vagina, but has a deformation of the vaginal cavity. An opening is at the bottom thereof, thus leading to the rectum. (Editor’s Note: As shown in the diagram accompanying the article) It is therefore quite possible, and likely, given its location, the pregnancy is due to sodomy.

Jennifer has since reportedly confessed to actually had more anal sex in order to remain a virgin for her wedding, her family is very attached to it. The story does not, however, remains fully understood, doctors interviewed, it is very strange that passed through the rectum sperm have managed to go back to the womb, even if it is theoretically possible. Moreover, it is very surprising that Jennifer never felt gene, its deformation can cause the flow of fecal matter in her vagina.



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