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Scientists from the Charleroi University (Belgium) made a 3D model of Judas, the traitor that had Jesus Killed.

The university scientists made a 3D model of Judas, at the request of a journalist from the French newspaper Le Figaro. They wanted to know what Judas looked like. The scientists had to base their model on the expression of Judas in the world famous painting of Caravaggio.

The only problem was: Judas was not painted very well. The painting was not completed, and only the face of Judas is painted well. The scientists made a model of Judas, based on the expression of his face in the painting. They also used a book about the faces of traitors and criminals, to find out what Judas looked like. The model looks very much like the painting of Caravaggio, but the scientists say: « The model is not a good likeness of Judas. »



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