Clinton: « Only black Policemen will be allowed to shoot innocents »

Following the tragic twists lately that are happening recently across the Atlantic, the reaction of the Democratic candidate in the upcoming US presidential election was not made to wait. Outstanding press conference was held today outside the offices of his campaign managers where the former first lady expressed all his contempt and intentions:

"What happened in recent days sadden me more to the point, and these events testify to the growing inequalities between the different communities of our country. All this must stop immediately, which is why I am formally promise before you all, if you elect me to lead this country, only African American police officers have the power to take improper on harmless suspects. this right was reserved so far as police to Caucasian and this injustice must be resolved as soon as possible to promote the living together of all US citizens, regardless of their origins! Black lives matter motherfocka "

A strange solution seen by some observers in Europe as yet another clumsy attempt of the candidate for improperly please the African American community. Still no word however on the second amendment introduced in Uncle Sam from a pair of centuries and allows almost all US citizens to buy and own a gun legally.

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