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Average IQ = 70 for Tomorrowland visitors ! Dumb music makes dumb people

While 90,000 mentally retarded rushed on tickets for Tomorrowland yesterday, we learn in a study a disturbing fact …

During the 2014’s Tomorrow Land, electronic music festival occurring in Boom (Antwerp) a great IQ test was conducted by students in psychology from the University of Brussels. The results are revealing and surprising:

The average IQ of the 2200 festival that participated in the test amounted to 70.8. Strongly below average which stands at 100. It is generally considered an IQ below 70 as mental retardation. The authors of the survey ensure that it was conducted with sober individuals, recent drug taking can not explain this result.

We interviewed the author of the survey, Quentin Dubrosque, psychology student master at the University of Brussels:

Our goal was to make this basic IQ test with 200 people in each Belgian festival. But the first results of Tomorrow Land were so low that we started on 200 new patients achieving a similar average. So we started again and again, until you come to the conclusion that our average was probably very indicative of the overall average of festival goers. We hope to help the organizers to get a scholarship for the promotion of disability to the AWIPH (note: Walloon Agency for the Integration of Disabled People), since the Tomorrow Land has an important social role in the integration of people with mild mental retardation, or heavy. At the same time, pay € 300 to sleep in a filthy camp and listen to music made by pseudo-chimpanzee is already evidence of the dumbing subjects.

Electronic music makes people idiot? Or would it be heard initially by idiots? Between the chicken and the egg, the authors believe that it will take several years of testing before we can understand this phenomenon. Discover the « after » Tomorrow Land Video Festival 2014:


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