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A child has been found for the last meal of a man sentenced to death

The Texas Department of Corrections had to find a child before the end of the week to meet the demand of last meal Stephener Doug, who wanted to eat a child. as we were talking about this week. The prison today announced that a little girl found in Angola that his family sold to the State of Texas for the sum of $ 25,000. A significant sum for the administration, but that will be quite a thorn out of the foot.

The original news: Man sentenced to death asks for a child as his last meal

The child, a little african girl who suffers from a degenerative disease, have anyway a few years left to live, giving it to Mr. Stephener will save her from years of suffering said the Departement director.

The condemned man had the opportunity to see a photo of the child and has agreed to make her last feast, although he asked for a boy.

Many voices in the USA since the announcement of this horrible information. The president of the association of defense of children said this in a statement:

It is a shame we buy to feed children in Africa a death sentence. We will demonstrate day and night to ensure that this child is not delivered to Doug Stephener.

Side of the Association of American prisoners, they protested in front of the offering of a sick child who could contaminate the condemned man.

The execution will take place Saturday morning.

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